Tomáš Pluhařík, CEO

Tomas is a visionary leader and generator of new ideas. He has 20 years of experience from startup and corporate world spent on team / company leading positions. He combines experiences from product/project/IT/security domains, and his managerial mottos are “Fail fast”, “Innovate or die” and “Future is open and shared”. He’s raising 3 kids, likes martial arts, motorbikes and computer games.

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Michal Turňa, Product vision

Behavee father having entrepreneurship in his DNA. Michal brings vision, turns ideas into product and enforces rules to deliver Behavee with measurable and tangible parameters. Michal is the father of one daughter, sport enthusiast, adventurer and the woodcarver.

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David Krčil, Chief of R&D

David is a highly creative visionary and strategist. He has 20+ years’ experience in Digital Technology, IT, Enterprise Marketing, Software architecture and Digital & Media strategy. He likes creating new ideas and brings them alive. David puts strong emphasise on balanced synergy of all aspects of problem solution and he spends his free time in the nature. He is also a sailplane sport pilot.

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Markéta Szabová, Chief of Operations

“Senior” of the team by age, Marketa brings international experiences in people and company management (mostly in IT sector). She is responsible for operations of the company, HR and Finance, while using her professional network to support sales initiatives and acquiring new partners. Her primary role is to build and keep fundamentals of the company and to allow others to focus on product and services development.

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Juraj Vančo, Chief Data Scientist Experienced

Data Scientist with strong analytical skills, business background, passionate for modern technologies and big data experience. Juraj is able to mine hidden information located within large sets of structured or unstructured data and provide their business interpretation. In his free time, he is a father of three kids and fanatic cyclist.

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