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Behavee Enterprise

Behavee provides you freedom of choice – using it in Cloud or on your own servers! Behavee Enterprise or SaaS? You can choose solution that best fits your needs. Install Behavee on your own servers with On-premise installation/hosting or use our SaaS Cloud solution. It’s up to you - Behavee offers both.  See a comparison of both programs if you're not sure what is more convenient for you. Or try Behavee SaaS for free!

Behavee Enterprise advantages

Fully customizable and extendable solution that runs on your own servers. Great for those, who wants tailor the technology to their needs. Perfect for sensitive, data driven services and businesses. Behavee Enterprise gives you full control of its power. 

  • Install/Host Behavee on your own servers 

  • Fully customizable and extensible 

  • Data are exclusively stored in the EU 

  • No data limits

Your marketing in one place

Manage you entire marketing in one place and utilize the comprehensive set of features!

Heatmap Analytics
Session Recordings
Form Analytics
Custom Reports
A/B Testings
Roll-up Reporting
Users Flow
Media Analytics
White Label
SEO Keyword Performance
Real-time personalization
Conversion Funnels
Audit Log
Surge pricing 
(no discriminators)
Multi Attribution

No data sampling – 100% accurate, real time data without the limits
Data should be reported 100% accurately. That’s our philosophy. When website traffic reaches data limit of other analytic tools, data becomes a guess, not facts. Free Google Analytics has this data limit pretty low and that’s why you should pay for Google Analytics 360 Premium. In Behavee we trust in complete analysis, so you will see 100% of your data in real time without any data limits. We don’t believe in “good data” we want to see actual facts.

Raw data access
Connect Behavee with any data warehouse or BI tool you are using. If you want to merge your new Behavee data with existing systems like CRM, ERP, e-commerce etc., easily import them into your data warehouse. Do you use some BI system? You can connect it to Behavee, query data in SQL or create custom reports right in the BI tool. And if you want new analytics solution, don’t be afraid of losing your historical data.

100 % ownership of data, GDPR compliancy and security 
Our philosophy about data is simple – you’re the owner and no one else. With numbers of privacy problems nowadays, Behavee gives you full control of yours and your users data. Don't let any external sources look inside and protect a data-relationship between you and your visitor.

Compare Behavee and Google Analytics

How to get Behavee Enterprise?





No IT integration
Basic Use cases: 
Real time campaign, management, 
Customer digital profiles, Recommendation

Timing: 1 month

Basic integration
Channels & Rules, Complete journeys, 
Client scoring

Timing: 3 – 5 months

Full IT integration Functions: 
Leads & Offers – CRM, BPM,
Product catalogue, Baskets Retargeting

Timing: 5 – 24 months

Standard operations
Agile iterative 

 Timing: Continuous