Description of services

Where do my customers come from?

Detailed information about the channels through which customers come to me.

How do customers behave on my site?

Recording visits, heatmaps, and other tools to understand customer behaviour.


What is my customer's profile?

Detailed customer profile with location, favourite visiting days and timing, interests and their behaviour towards goods.


Which goods should I advertise?

The proven algorithm evaluates goods with the greatest sales potential based on detailed data from Behavee.


One-click personalized campaign

Advertising for my products on Facebook, Google, easily with one click.


Evaluation of cross-channel campaigns

Tracking campaigns across all channels in real time. I’ll know how many people came, what they really bought and what interested them.


Forgotten baskets

I can reduce forgotten baskets with smart remarketing tools.


Unfilled forms

I’ll get the opportunity to collect data from incomplete forms.


Segmentation of customers and their journey

Segment customers into reachable units with information about their customer journey to my site.


Hyper-personalized offers

Customize web content based on customer profile in real-time.


Who else is interested?

Notifications that help turn website visitors into customers.


Product recommendation

Parallel display of recommended products customized for a specific customer.


All data accessible via API

Easy extract of all necessary data, including options including API connectivity.


Omnichannel communication with customers

Interconnection of all communication channels that will exchange necessary information in real time.


Marketing Autopilot

Get a partner for your marketing. You don't have to set up and track campaigns, evaluate their success, and think how to optimize them.