Know your visitors using Behavee tracking




Integrate our tracking API in a minute and get the perfect knowledge of what is interesting for visitors of your digital channel

Behavee tracking services

Visitor’s log

See who are your visitors, what devices and software they use, what time they prefer to visit your pages, from what locations they come, and many other useful information.  

It helps you to know your customers. You will be able to prepare the perfect customized digital response based on their preferences.

Page preferences

See what pages are the most interesting for your visitors, what is the most searched topic and what are they downloading.

It uncovers the most interesting topic and pages and helps you to better target your marketing.

Acquisition potential

See where your visitors came from – if they are coming from social networks, search engines, if they open your pages directly or came from marketing campaigns.  

It helps you to pick the channel most used by your visitors. You will be able to strengthen your marketing activities and focus only to those channels which make sense. This will also help you to decrease the cost of your marketing.


Understand how your customers react on incentives, advertisements and content on your digital channel, what they prefer and what they found as the most interesting.

It dramatically increases your digital experience and helps you to improve your targeting and advertisement.