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Behavee Enterprise or SaaS

With Behavee you can always choose what is the best solution for you – Behavee in a Cloud as SaaS (Software as a Service) or your own specific offer, usually installed On-Premise (Enterprise). Each of the variants has its advantages and disadvantages. Below you can see the comparison.

Although runs on Cloud servers, it is still powerful, fully featured tool that fits most of your needs. The main benefit is simple - you don’t need your own IT compartment. Everything is in the Cloud with our full support. Running in the Cloud. All features available.

The best choice for those who wants tailor the technology to their needs on the very best level. Gives you full control to customize or extend the features. Running on your own servers, it’s perfect for data sensitive businesses. Running on your own servers. Fully customizable.


Which variant is best for you

Hosted on Behavee’s secure servers

Automatic updates

Easy to setup (same setup process as Google Analytics)

Save on time and money

Support with all monthly plans


No data limits

Fully customisable and extensible

Freely accessible

Host on your own servers

Behavee Enterprise or SaaS


Do you want to start with

Behavee Enterprise?

Starting with Behavee Enterprise is not nearly as difficult as it might seem. All it takes is to give us your contact and we can start!