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us as a new tool

What this add-on will allow you

To create a personalized campaign on Facebook, Google, or Seznam and track its success


What this add-on will allow you

To manage marketing from one place and in real-time

To track detailed customer profile, behaviour and visitor’s journey

To identify which goods will sell the best tomorrow

To set a customized offer for each customer

To own all data and to be able to continue using it

Why choose Behavee

Why choose Behavee

All data will be yours and you will have easy access to it via API

How to Install Add-on

You will be able to manage and control marketing clearly from one place

You have all information available now and you can make faster decisions

Personalized offers and campaigns will significantly increase your revenue and save time

You will get a professional free consultation. You won't need to drown in numbers


You will recognize products with the greatest sales potential

How to install

Behavee on Shoptet