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Data Processing Agreement

Last Updated:  25.9.2019


Data Privacy and protection is one of the major pillars on which Behavee service is build up as we consider the privacy of Your data of highest importance. When building our solution and prior each system change the GDPR and other Privacy requirements are considered.

Behavee is inherently GDPR compliant as we are collecting fully anonymized data about customer behaviour (i.e. end users). We are using anonymized (end user) actual behaviour and we are aggregating the behaviour into the microsegments. In practice all personal data of the end users are stored on Your side, we only see anonymized data.


In the course of providing our service, Behavee may process Your personal data on Your behalf. Behavee bears responsibility for lawfully processing Your data as carried out on our site.


In case you request to outline specifics of how this processing is done and what Your and Our obligations are we have prepared a Data Processing Agreement. You can request and sign Data Processing Agreement by sending an email at

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