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The goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to optimize the E-shop so that its content is better understood by Google and Seznam search algorithms. 

A SEO strategy starts with a detailed analysis of keywords relevant to your products, target groups and competitors, and continues with a content and technical analysis of your E-shop. The result is a set of recommended adjustments that we implement itself after our agreement, or hand over to your developer for incorporation. 

The basic KPI is a higher position (better visibility) of your e-shop in search results. This leads to its increased traffic and turnover without paying for it in a PPC search campaigns. The results won't come right away, but they are definitely worth it. 


UX (User Experience) indicates how user-friendly your E-shop is. It evaluates the behavior and thoughts of the user going through the site, which is influenced by a number of factors. A user who gets "lost" while going through the E-shop pages or finds them incomprehensible and unpleasant will not complete the purchase or will not return a second time after completing it. 

The basic success criteria is a higher conversion rate from a site visit to a desired action, whether it is creating a user account, signing up for a newsletter, visiting a Facebook profile, or purchase of merchandise itself. 

Whether 10% or 20% of the visitors brought in complete the purchase, for example, is absolutely crucial. Not only will you earn more, but more importantly, you can afford a greater range of marketing activities that become profitable. 

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