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Where do my customers come from?

How do my customers behave?

What is my customer's profile?


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cross-channel campaigns

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Behavee strategic reviews

Behavee won the contest of more than 150 worldwide start-ups.

Since the first day, Behavee is a Microsoft partner. Behavee is taking part in global Microsoft Startup Program.

Our first investor, The Angel Investors Club, has invested 450.000 Euros. “The Behavee project impressed us with its vision, commitment and strong personalities“, says Petr Šedivý, the founder.

Behavee received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission H2020. This seal of excellence is an acknowledgement of the high quality and competitiveness of our product.


Behavee is on Shoptet

Simple integration Behavee for Shoptet’s customers


Five reasons why to use Behavee

Personalized offers and campaign management will significantly increase your revenue and save time

We will not let you drown in numbers and charts but will help you to make decisions and act

All your important data is available in real-time, you can make important decisions faster

You will recognize products with the greatest sales potential

All data is yours and you have easy access to it via API

Check out how Behavee works

How it works

1. Observe

Tracking your WWW, e-shop, mobile etc. (Anonymized)

2. Understand

Re-categorize data and prepare for artificial intelligence

3. Change 

Change content, similarities and product offers

Customized offer and content provided directly to the end user's device

The data is obtained via API, connected to artificial intelligence and processed by reports

Customers are segmented based on AI and customized offers are created for them

4. Recommend

Exact offer recommendation, according to the customer’s type

Content offers and recommendation via the API happens in real-time